USA | 2013 | Fiction | 89 minutes | New York Premiere

Writer, director, and producer: Tommy Oliver

Cinematographer: Daniel Vecchione

Editors: Tovah Leibowitz, Tommy Oliver

Composer: John Jennings Boyd

Cast: Hill Harper, Sharon Leal, Troi Zee, Wayne Brady, La La Anthony.


A vivid family drama set in Philadelphia at the onset of the crack epidemic, 1982 follows a father's efforts to protect his 10-year-old daughter from her drug-addicted mother, while trying to steer her towards recovery. Hill Harper’s performance as the father is revelatory, and the film percolates with steadily building naturalism and intimacy. Winner of the grand prize at the U.S. in Progress Showcase in Paris, 1982 premiered to great acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival. 


Filmmaker Bio: Tommy Oliver is a Philadelphia-based producer and cinematographer who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. He produced the 2011 film Kinyarwanda, which was on Roger Ebert’s list of the year’s top ten movies. The film 1982 is set and was shot in the West Oak Lane house in Philadelphia where he grew up.