Netherlands | 2014 | Documentary | 70 Minutes | U.S. Premiere

Director and producer: Marieke Niestadt

Cinematographer: Marieke Niestadt

Editor: Marieke Niestadt

Composer: Andre van der Hoff

Cast: Diana Prazak, Lucia Rijker


Move over Rocky. In Marieke Niestadt’s exciting documentary, the Australian kickboxer Diana Prazik accepts a seemingly impossible challenge: a match with World Champion Frida Wallberg. The undefeated champion is a beautiful blonde, a favorite of media and sponsors. Prazik has little more going for her than her fearless passion and her secret weapon, the Los Angeles trainer and six-time world champion Lucia Rijker. The mentor-student relationship between them becomes the heart of the film, but the drama of the fight itself is thrilling. Even if you’ve seen a hundred sports movies, you’ll be stunned by the unexpected finale.

Filmmaker bio: Marieke Niestadt was a model and host for major Dutch TV networks who decided that she wanted to be on the other side of the camera. She shoots and directs, specializing in behind-the-scenes films and showing a rare ability to capture her subjects as they are – truly up close and personal.