USA | Fiction | 86 minutes | NY Premiere

Writer and Director: Seth Fisher

Producers: Jean Raphael Ambron, Nicole Ansari, Alexander Cendese, Garrett P. Fennelly, Zak Mulligan, Jesse Ozeri

Cinematographer: Zak Mulligan

Editor: Alex Kopit

Composer: Noah and the Megafauna

Cast: Mark Blum, Laila Robins, Seth Fisher, Mei Melançon, Alexander Cendese, Nicole Ansari, Kevin Isola, Fred Melamed, and Brian Cox


Synopsis: Can oversized egos and romance peacefully co-exist in modern-day New York? Manhattan neuroses gets a fresh, bracing new twist in Seth Fishers delightfully acerbic Blumenthal. The death of playwright Harold Blumenthal (Brian Cox) sets in motion a tangled web of family and relationship drama in a polished film, distinguished by Zak Mulligans crystalline cinematography, a strong ensemble cast, and multi-talented Seth Fisher’s razor-sharp script.

Filmmaker Bio: Seth Fisher graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2004 and immediately started working as a stage actor in New York and Boston. His Broadway roles include Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, alongside Denzel Washington, and Tom Stoppard’s Rock’n’Roll, with Brian Cox and Rufus Sewell. Fisher also had a recurring role on the CBS series, The Good Wife. Fisher has written and directed several short films, including The Wine BarFeeling Tall and Pretty Happy.