Belarus | Fiction | 133 minutes | World Premiere

Directors: Andrei Kureichyk, Dzmitry Marynin

Writer: Andrei Kureichyk

Producer: Andrei Kureichyk

Cinematographer: Alexey Korneyev, Artem Yakimov

Editor: Alexander Gorodko

Composer: Dmitry Friga

Cast: Leonid Pashkovsky, Anna Sirotina, Tatyana Bovkalova, Victor Rybczynski


Synopsis: An exciting discovery from an unlikely corner of the world, Horizon Sky is the first independent feature film from Belarus in a decade. It has already fallen victim to censorship laws, making it impossible to screen in its home country. Its theme — the generational battle between rebellion and oppression, played out in the arena of sex and rock music — is universal. Horizon Sky tells a keenly dramatized story about a young musician stricken with AIDS, wrestling with discrimination and addiction.

Filmmaker Bios

Dzmitry Marynin received his degree in dramatic direction from The Belarusian Academy of Arts. He directed and starred in over 10 productions from 1992 to 2004, before transitioning into film and television. He lives and works in Minsk. 


Andrei Kureichyk is one of his native country’s most well-regarded screenwriters and playwrights. His five films have earned more than $67 million in ticket sales in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. He is also a key activist in Belarus, striving against human rights violations, which earned him a place on Belarusian President Lukashenko’s media “black list.”