How They Did It Panels

A series of panels including a diverse group of successful and accomplished masters of the film industry discussing every aspect of the creation of their award-winning films.



Thursday, March 5th at 9:00pm – Gansevoort Meatpacking (18 9th Ave, NYC)

Presented by by Gibson and Tascam

Moderated by journalist Rachel Felder. This year From Rock to Score will feature Wayne Kramer of MC5 and Questlove of The Roots.

Rock to Score is a discussion of how Rock Stars became film composers and how their proses differs in each medium. What does it take to make leap from pop/rock success to the world of film scoring? Prominent musicians talk about the different challenges of scoring film, Broadway musicals, TV shows, commercials and video games.

POWER GIRLS! – Women in Entertainment Roundtable

Friday, March 6th at 4:30pm - B Bar (40 E 4th St, NYC)

Programmed and Hosted by BIG VISION EMPTY WALLET

Join leaders in film and TV for a solution-oriented panel and roundtable discussion about the struggles that women face in today's entertainment landscape!  A percentage of the panel proceeds will be donated to Women Make Movies.

Moderated by Dani Faith Leonard & Alex Cirillo.  Panelists: Jacqueline Gonzalez, Executive Director, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York; Jenny Halper, Development Executive, Maven Pictures; Anne Hubbell, Founder, Tangerine Entertainment; Terry Lawler, Executive Director, NYWIFT; Leah Meyerhoff, Director & Founder of Film Fatales; Soo Kim, Producer, Creator of Team Umizoomi.

HOW EVERYTHING WORKS - Producing & Financing Master Class + Brunch

Saturday, March 7th at 11am - B Bar (40 E 4th St, NYC)

Presented by by Lazar and Raptor Films.


This year we’ve decided to take two of our most successful panels – one on producing films, the other on financing  – and pair them together. The three part event will take place at the acclaimed B Bar in Manhattan, with the panels bookending an industry networking prix fixe “power brunch.”

Moderator: Steven Beer.  Producing Panelists: Jessica Caldwell (Awol, Happy Baby); Frida Torresblanco, Braven Films; Katie Stern (Listen Up Philip, Francine); J.P. Sarni, Head of Television at Cinema Gypsy Productions; Rose Ganguzza (Kill Your Darlings, Margin Call).  Finance Panel: L.A Teodosio; Rafe Fogel, Falcon Investments/Board Member of Legendary Pictures; Kristen Konvitz, Indiegogo.


Independent film – made without deep-pocketed support of major studios – relies on the ingenuity and resourcefulness of talented producers. Hear some of the finest producers working in indie cinema today discuss their projects, raising money in a troubled economy, and getting their film made no matter what


What more important question is there for aspiring filmmakers to answer than: How do I fund my film?! Hear experts – from established financiers to DIY and crowdfunding leaders – illuminate the way.

CRYSTAL BALL – The Future of Distribution

Sunday, March 8th at 11am - B Bar (40 E 4th St, NYC)

Programmed and Hosted by BIG VISION EMPTY WALLET 

Whether you are releasing a film, web series, book, or product, you must build a loyal, engaged audience and devise a plan to ensure that your work will reach that audience.  For many years, distribution in the creative space was framed as “someone else’s problem.”  During this panel, we’ll discuss traditional film distribution and current trends that filmmakers are embracing to make a sustainable living creating.

Moderated by Dani Faith Leonard & Alex Cirillo.  Panelists: Michael Ben Lawson, Head of Content, Candy Factory Films; Alexandra Marvar, Marketing Director, VHX; Allie Esslinger, Founder, Section ii; Linzee Troubh, Head of Sales, Cinetic Media; Jason Sondhi, Curator, Vimeo.