Argentina | Fiction | 75 minutes | US Premiere

Writer and Director: Luciano Quilici

Producer: Luciano Quilici

Cinematographer: Arauco Hernández

Editor: Luciana Pets

Composer: Martín Bossa and TomásCarnelli

Cast: Ramiro Agüero, Santiago Gobernori, Diego Jalfen, Valeria Lois, Leticia Mazur, Margarita Molfino, Alan Sabbagh


 Synopsis: Imagine a combination of Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill and François Truffaut’s  Day For Night, and you’ll have some idea of the exceptional nature of Luciano Quillici’s lyrical and contemplative I Love You All. A group of thirty-something friends reunite for a trip to the country where they mull over lost opportunities and their disaffection with the present. This accomplished film offers further proof that Argentina is one of the most exciting centers of world cinema today.

Filmmaker Bio: Quilici was born in Argentina in 1974. His childhood and adolescence were divided between Buenos Aires and Italy, where he was exiled during Argentina's military dictatorship. He began directing theater at age 19, and has since moved into commercials and writing.