Our world is increasingly less tolerant of the risks associated with supporting films by first time filmmakers.  This creates an ever more challenging environment for filmmakers to create truly inspired content without the need to focus on fundraising and economic success. Unfortunately most festivals have become so large they only provide exposure to already prominent filmmakers.  Others are too small to attract quality films.  As a result, too many great films remain unseen and too many exceptional filmmakers undeveloped.  

This reality inspired us to host a festival aimed at discovering and providing exposure for the next generation of great filmmakers, both locally and globally, and reward the winner with distribution.

First Time Fest (FTF) is a five-day event showcasing new and exciting first films from filmmakers around the globe, in addition to the debut works of prominent filmmakers, all in an intimate old New York City setting. We invite you to be a part of this truly special celebration of independent cinema and remind you: you never forget your first time.

Johanna Bennett & Mandy Ward, Founders