USA | 2014 | Narrative | 82 Minutes 


Director: Jenica Bergere

Writer: Jenica Bergere & Doc Pedrolie

Producer: Jenica Bergere, James Portolese, Keith Kjarval, Mary Vernieu

Cinematographer: Peter Mosiman

Editor:  Jaceson Mann

Composer: Johnny Harris

Cast:  Fionnula Flanagan, Joshua Funk, Karen Landry, Lance Kinsey, Tawny Kitaen, Jenica bergere

Synopsis: A neurotic pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth, attempts to reunite her estranged family which includes an impossible mother riddled deeply with Alzheimer's, an aging porn star sister and an intense Aunt, whom the family hasn't seen in 18 years. All in an effort to fix her family history before giving birth. The colorful journey travels from Venice to Van Nuys to Simi Valley and in the end, love must win out.

Filmmaker bio: JENICA BERGERE plays Jenica, the nine month pregnant and terrified-of-motherhood woman who attempts to reconcile past family strife during an adventurous trip to Simi Valley in her directorial debut, COME SIMI. Bergere has been working as a comedienne, actor, and writer for over two decades recently adding award-winning director (Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival’s Best Filmed Screenplay-COME SIMI) to her accolades. Filmed ‘guerilla style’ in only 6 days, Bergere brought the film COME SIMI in for $10,000 and sites being a micro budget filmmaker as something she actually enjoyed. Distributors have called the film “brave”, a word that also defines Bergere as a director. In addition to COME SIMI, Jenica has a recurring role on the fifth season of the hit drama SHAMELESS, playing the neighbor “Tall Lisa”. Bergere will play key character Sheila Delacroix, in BOSCH written by Michael Connely and premiering February 13, 2015 on Amazon.