Norway/USA | 2014 | Fiction | 92 Minutes | NY Premiere


Director: Mona Fastvold

Writer: Mona Fastvold, Brady Corbet

Producers: Karin Julsrud, Turid Øversveen

Cinematographer: Zachary Galler

Editors: Jon Endre Mørk, Michael Mazzotta

Composers: Sondre Lerche, Kato Ådland

Cast: Gitte Witt, Christopher Abbott, Brady Corbet, Stephanie Ellis


Synopsis: Kaia and her boyfriend Andrew are enjoying a quiet, secluded life while restoring her late father’s rural Massachusetts estate. Their tranquility is shattered by the unexpected arrival of her sister, Christine, and her affluent fiancé, Ira. The sisters’ troubled family history begins to unravel as tensions mount between the two men, and this chamber piece modulates into a searing thriller. The Sleepwalker premiered in competition at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Filmmaker Bio: Mona Fastvold is a Paris and Oslo-based writer and director who has made many acclaimed music videos. In 2012, she received a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute to support her directorial debut, The Sleepwalker, which was written with Brady Corbet. They are currently prepping Corbet’s directorial debut, The Childhood of a Leader, which they co-wrote, and which stars Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson.