ISRAEL | Fiction | 90 minutes | North American Premiere

Writer and Director: Eliav Lilti

Producer: Shay Werker

Cinematographer: Nadav Hakselman

Editor: Eliav Lilti, Roni Klimovski, Nohar Haseen

Composer: Yuval Mesner

Cast: Barak Friedman, Noa Friedman, Esti Yerushalmi, Zohar Shtrauss, Ohad Knoller, Michal Shtamler


Synopsis: After the death of their mother, a brother and sister search for their father who abandoned them as infants. Eliav Liltis startling, audacious, and surprisingly polished micro-budget feature film might seem unbelievable — if it wasnt based on a true story. With a dry sense of humor, a series of to-the-camera dialogues and explicit and incestuous sex scenes, Urban Tale heralds the emergence of an important new director, and perhaps a new direction for Israeli cinema.

Filmmaker Bio: Eliav Lilti is an experienced director in the Israeli television industry. He previously served as the head creative director for the promo department at Israel’s leading commercial channel, Keshet.